Our Partners

AccountsCo has a wide network of partners that can be of assistance to Hong Kong and other non-UK companies and individuals that wish to expand their activities in the UK and Europe. On this page we list some our principle associations.

UK Trade & Investment

Department for International Trade is a British Governmental body set up to assist Hong Kongese and other non-UK companies that want to set up or expand in the UK. The Department for International Trade can assist companies in a number of ways, such as by recommending partners and providing market research and explaining many of the relevant rules and regulations. Click here to go to the department for international trade site.


AccountsCo works with a number of well-known banks with the aim of making the opening of bank accounts simpler and ensuring that once our clients have opened a bank accounts they have access to the full range of the banks services. We work with most of the major UK banks, though we have particularly strong relationships with Barclays, HSBC, Metrobank and Lloyds.

Venture Capital

We work closely with Kobo Funds to help our clients raise early stage investment. Kobo is an international syndication network built around a community of experienced venture partners, which provides pre-screened opportunities to qualified investors. Click here for Kobo’s web-site.

Law firms

AccountsCo works closely with a number of law firms in London – Whilst we are able to assist our clients with simple legal problems and contracts we find that for more complex matters it is better to seek the help of one of our legal partners.

European and other non-UK local accountants

We specialize in providing UK and European tax advice to Hong Kongese and other non-UK clients. When specialist knowledge of other countries tax is required we will usually recommend one of our local partner accounting firms.

UK and European recruitment

We work closely with ExecutiveSurf to provide international recruitment services. ExecutiveSurf is an international, web enabled executive search firm.